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20110523 : 05/23/11

Inspection of the top diagonal attachment point on all Vector 3

SUBJECT: Inspection of the top diagonal attachment point on all Vector 3 Sport and SE Student Harness/Container Systems. STATUS: Advisory

BACKGROUND: It was reported that a student jumper after pulling at a planned altitude of 5000', experienced a very hard opening and broke the upper double zigzag stitching that holds the diagonals in place and tore most of the ring cover off (See Fig1). This allowed the large ring riser attachment to be pulled far away from its normal position, deforming the over the shoulder section of padding and in turn pulled the RSL lanyard releasing the reserve pilot chute.

CW03-01 : 07/15/03

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Capewell Supplied Pin/Ripcord Mandatory Test due to (3) reports from (3) customers of (4) ripcord pins that broke. All (4) pins were reported to have broken under very low force

20031202 : 12/03/03

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