97 Year Old Veteran Makes Another Jump

Tomorrow is the 75th Anniversary of 1944 invasion in Normandy, France known as D-Day. D-Day is remembered as the turning point of World War II, giving the Allies a foothold in Continental Europe, and leading to the eventual defeat of the Nazi regime. All week, there are events going on to memorialize this historical operation. Tom Rice, a 97 year old American Veteran took part in the commemorative celebrations of this momentous day by making a tandem skydive into Normandy today.

In 1944, Tom dropped from one of the 13,000 aircraft involved in the invasion onto the French coastline as a member of the US Army’s 101st Airborne. He recalls the jump as “the worst jump I ever had.” Despite having a bullet through his canopy, and getting caught on the door of the aircraft (as skydivers, we’ve all been there), he “landed standing up for the most part.”

For Tom’s jump today, they exited a C47 aircraft, just as he had 75 years ago. He has been physically training for 6 months in preparation for this skydive, so he was ready to jump! We are proud to share that Tom trusted a UPT Sigma system to get him safely to the ground in front of thousands of spectators watching his jump, which he states, “went perfect.”

Congratulations, Tom, on getting back in the air today! And thank you to all those who served in World War II!

Watch his jump here