Here at UPT we endeavor to provide you with the best service and safest gear on the market. In alignment with these goals, our Rigging Loft does not pack anything that is not fully inspected.

This includes main canopies, regardless of jump numbers. The Inspection and Packing fee for a sport main is $60.

If you do not want this service, please indicate so on your RMA form, or remove your main canopy before you drop your container off for Inspection and Repack.

If you decline this service and leave your canopy with us it will return to you reattached to the container and rolled up for your convenience.

  • A Note on Picking Up Your Gear:

Unless alternate arrangements are made, equipment must be picked up no later than 4 PM, Thursday afternoon. The Shipping Department is closed on Friday, and payment cannot be accepted by any other department.


Thank you and blue skies!

– UPT Rigging Loft