Canopy Sizing Chart

Standard Fitting: Pack volume represented by these sample groups should be considered optimum recommended pack volumes, to ensure proper fit, function, and ease of packing.

Full Fitting: Due to different canopy designs and material bulk, some canopies have slightly larger pack volume. Pack volume represented by these sample groups should be considered the maximum recommended pack volumes, to ensure proper fit, function, and ease of packing

Caution: if you put a full fitting main canopy and full fitting reserve canopy in the same container; this may be very hard to pack if bulk distribution is not correct. This is particularly true for the containers V303, V304, and V306

Most canopy recommendations are determined by United Parachute Technologies actually packing the canopy into the specified Vector container. Canopy types included in this chart are intended to represent a group of common canopies suitable for each container size. Any canopy type with similar pack volume as the sample group will naturally be suitable for the same container. Brands appearing in this chart are in no particular way more suitable for our Vector containers over brands not listed.

NOTE: Canopies with logos pack larger

Please contact United Parachute Technologies at to inquire about a canopy not listed here, or if you have any other questions about sizing your rig. If you feel that a canopy not listed below fits into a particular container, please let us know and we will be happy to add it to our list once verified

Considerations for Configurations: v304, v305, v306, v307

Our sizing chart is a living document that we reevaluate periodically based on trends and customer demand. Where a canopy may have been on the chart in the past (as in your examples the V304/ OP113 and the V306/ OP126 configurations,) but has been subsequently removed, it is because we have expanded our product offerings to include container sizes that better accommodate those canopies. We prefer a slightly looser fit of canopies for customer comfort, container appearance and ease of packing, and adding to the range of container sizes allows our product line to meet those criteria.

The V305/OP113 and V307/ OP126 configurations are an example of additional container and canopy configurations that have been added to better accommodate the canopy sizes and to increase customer comfort while wearing the container. We have not removed the configurations due to safety concerns, but because we now offer better options.

The sizing chart is not inclusive of all canopies available on the market nor is it law.  The chart is a guide for customers to find the best option for them based on our recommended configurations and their individual needs. If the desired configuration is not listed on the chart, the customer is encouraged to reach out to our Customer Service Department for additional information and guidance.

As there is not a safety concern with the previous configuration in service, we do not require that the jumper change their reserve canopy to accommodate the sizing chart as it evolves.