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For over four decades, Bill Booth’s companies have designed and manufactured 75,000+ quality Harness/Container Systems to skydivers all over the world!

In 1972, Bill Booth started in a Miami garage. In the late 1970’s Bill made two major contributions to the world of skydiving. First, he invented and patented the Hand Deploy Pilot Chute System, which soon changed the sport forever. The second invention, and perhaps Bill’s greatest contribution to the sport, was the invention the 3-Ring Release System. In 1983, Bill received the prestigious Parachute Equipment Industry Association Achievement Award. The Federation Aeronautic International awarded him the 1984 Gold Medal for outstanding achievement in parachute safety design, the highest award available in his field.

Bill’s’ first harness/container system was called the Wonderhog. This rig incorporated all of the best safety improvements of its era. The Wonderhog Sprint quickly followed. In 1980, the Vector was introduced and soon became the most popular rig in the world. The U.S. Skydiving Team wore the first Vectors at the 1981 World Meet. In fact, ever since 1977, there has been a team or individual winning gold medals in at least one category, wearing one of our systems! The Vector II followed six years later and enjoyed even more popularity.

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, new freefall disciplines made their way into the skydiving mainstream-SkySurfing and FreeStyle were soon followed by FreeFlying. These new disciplines brought with them new concerns. In these flight modes, the container is subjected to direct, high-speed airflow from every direction. The need for more security, such as riser, pin, and bridle protection became apparent. Our engineers went to work.

Vector 3

In 1994, Relative Workshop unveiled the Vector 3 Harness/Container system – the first FreeFly rig on the market. This new design incorporated concepts that originated through years of research and development, and was introduced to meet the demands of modern SkyFlying.

In 1999, using the latest technology and the knowledge Relative Workshop gained in building the Vector III, we designed a container system aimed towards the growing trend of smaller canopies, the Micron- the most technically advanced harness and container system in the world. Relative Workshop did this by hiring a team of engineers never seen before in the arena of sport skydiving. These engineers, who happen to be world-class competitive skydivers, reviewed our systems designs and applied sound engineering practices to them. In doing this they were able to improve the function of the Vector III riser covers, pin protection, comfort and the operation of the three-ring release system.

Consistent innovators and perfectionists, our engineers continued to make improvements to the production and design of our products. This determination to make the most comfortable and safest skydiving systems in the world has resulted in yet another update to our “classic” Vector III. In February of 2002, we introduced the Vector 3 M-Series. The M-Series utilizes Micron technology to improve function, safety, and comfort and is designed to accommodate larger canopy sizes to that of the Micron.

In 2005 United Parachute Technologies bought the assets of Relative Workshop. United Parachute Technologies continues the tradition of excellence and detail.

Riser Protection: Ultra secure over-the-shoulder tuck tabs stay put through the most rigorous maneuvers and at high airspeeds. An additional overlapping secondary riser cover ensures that the risers stay in place until the main container is opened.
Pin Protection: Both the main and reserve flaps are designed to conform better to the container. This ergonomic design eliminates protruding corners or edges that can catch on doorjambs, bulkheads, or other sharp objects. The reserve pin cover utilizes 3 tuck tabs to remain securely in place. None of these tabs are tucked into any of the reserve closing flaps, making it impossible for them to interfere with a reserve activation. The main pin cover closes from the bottom up and tucks securely into the top-closing flap.
Zero Bridle Exposure: The Vector 3 configured with a bottom of container deployment totally eliminates bridle exposure and the need for hook and pile fastener on the bridle.
Comfort: The Pro-Fit harness combined with uni-body container construction offers a feel like no other harness/container system. The harness curves nicely over the shoulders and the new yoke design prevents the harness from slipping off of narrow shoulders. It also eliminates the need for chest rings and the problems associated with them.
Quality: Just as with all of our rigs, the Vector 3 is constructed to exacting standards using only the finest materials. Even with nominal care, your Vector 3 will perform faithfully for years. You won’t have to look very hard to find Vectors out there with thousands of jumps on them and lots of life left in them.

Every rig currently on the market contains features first introduced by us i.e. hand deploy, 3-ring, riser covers.

Ordering: Vectors are sold through a vast dealer network. Please feel free to call us for the dealer nearest you. If you are working through one of our dealers and need our assistance, we welcome the opportunity to help you.

Custom Systems: Please contact us for current delivery schedules as they can change with seasonal demands.

Our Promise to You: We are totally committed to you, our customer, through the quality and performance in the harness and container systems we design, build and deliver.