All UPT Bulletins

DatePSB NumberDescriptionPDF
05-24-20152015-01Excessive Urethane Coating on Spectra Reserve Ripcord
05-20-201320132005Retractable Y-Strap Modification to Tandem Student Harness
11-06-201220121106Reserve Staging Loop with support washer
03-22-201120110322Aviacom Argus AAD installation approval in United Parachute Technologies products (UPT)
05-23-201120110523Inspection of the top diagonal attachment point on all Vector 3
09-18-20039122Rubber Band Shirt Stow
01-30-2007300107Tandem Loop Style Reserve Ripcords
05-23-20052-230505Inspection of Tandem VTC-III reserves (VR-360) A Line Attachments and Steering Lines.
05-27-20051-230505VR360 – Performance Designs Service Bulletin # 002 & United Parachute Technologies Service Bulletin # 230505
07-15-2003CW03-01Capewell Supplied Pins and Ripcords
12-03-200320031202Skyhook RSL Inspection
03-17-199831798Double-Ended Drogue Release Riser Closing Loop
05-22-199752297Vector Tandem Diagonal Zigzag Inspection & Reinforcement
12-03-1993120393United Parachute Technologies Vector RSL Retro-fit
08-18-199381893Recommended Lifetime on Vector Tandem Components
06-12-199361293Incorrectly Manufactured MS-22040
05-03-199350393Mandatory Automatic Activation Devices for Vector Tandem Systems
05-21-199252192Removal of RSL Attachment Ring on Type-17 Mini Risers
06-21-199162191Vector 1 & Vector 2 Reserve Pilot Chute Spring Compression Force Test
11-11-1988111788Tandem Vector Checklist
08-01-198880188Check for Incorrectly Peened Rivets on Quick Ejectors
01-25-198812588Installine New Double Brake System on Existing Vector Tandem Systems
07-01-198770187Vector Reserve Pin Protector Flap Mod for CRW
11-01-19861101863-ring Release Periodic Maintenance & Mini 3-ring Deformation
09-05-198690586Stow Slider in Rubber Band Attached to Center “B” Line Attachment
07-01-198670186Misuse of RW-2 Rings
11-22-1985112285Adding a Drogue System to the Vector Tandem
07-17-198571785Stabilizer Modification to Vector Tandem Canopies
07-10-198571085Replace Pastic Disk Slider Stop with Metal Washer
05-24-198552485Brake Setting Modification to Vector Tandem Canopies
05-23-198552385Stabilizer Modification to Tandem Vector Canopies
05-05-198550885Replace Present Dome Slider with Trapezoidal Dome Slider
03-08-198530885Modifying the Installation of the SSE Sentinel Mk 2000 Pin Puller AAD on Certain Wonderhog Vector Systems
01-01-198510185New Down Slider and Control Line Modifications for Tandem Hilifter Main Canopy
01-01-198585Reinforcing Vector Tandem Main and Reserve Canopies
02-15-198421584Status of the Large 3-ring (RW-1-83)
02-24-198222482Modifying a Wonderhog Harness to Accept a Mini-Trapezoidal Ripcord Handle
01-01-197979Recall of Certain Plastic Ripcord Handles Optional
09-01-197890178Installation of a Wonderhog Bridle Pin
12-01-1977120177Wonderhog Technical Update
NANAConvert Vector Freebag for Use with a Safety Stow
NANAModifying the Main Deployment Bag and Harness Diagonals for Drogue Use