I’m sure you are aware by now that the current exemption has been replaced by the new FAA Part 105 on July 9. 2001. Please use the new Tandem Assumption of Risk Agreement, starting on that date. Please dispose of all copies of the old waiver to insure you don’t accidentally use it in the future. Your existing video waiver tape is still okay, if you are using the “latest” version, which mentions the expected change in the exemption status. Please view your video to verify that you have the correct copy. The correct tape is labeled, “Tandem Vector Waiver UPT-7”. There is at least one old version of the video that is outdated.

Remember, you must use the new waiver, and the correct video, for each and every tandem student you take up. Please be sure that every line and “initial block” is filled in, and that the “corrective lens” and “infirmities” clauses are correctly marked. Also be careful about who signs the “Witness” line on the waiver. It must be someone you will be able to find in case a lawsuit surfaces in a couple of years. This combination of video and written waivers, properly filled out, is the only defense we have in the event of legal action. I know from firsthand experience that it is the only reason United Parachute Technologies, Strong Enterprises, many drop zones or USPA – for that matter – is still around. Just one failure of properly filling out the waiver could mean the end of everything you and I have worked for. Please don’t let it happen.

Also contained in this information package is a new “Tandem Parachute System Purchase and Use Agreement”. All tandem rig owners must fill out this agreement, and return it to United Parachute Technologies as soon as possible. If there is more than one owner, then each must fill out a separate agreement. If necessary, use a separate sheet to list the serial numbers of all the tandem rigs you own. It is not necessary to include canopy serial numbers. A new Company policy, starting July 9th, states that United Parachute Technologies will no longer support- supply spare parts, service equipment for, or sell new tandem equipment to anyone who does not have the new User Agreement on file with us.

Thank you for your loyal support.

Keep up the good work!
– Bill Booth