It has recently come to our attention that a range of Vector SE student containers built between May 2013 and January 2021 are facing potential problems with reserve PC launch. At this time, UPT engineers have reviewed and tested the reserve PC launch and have found that the following sizes are affected: SE 360-1 SE 360-2, SE 360-3, SE 361, SE 364 and SE 364-1. We have determined the problem and are carrying out the solution as quickly as possible.

Customers who purchased the affected sizes of Vector SE containers during that time period have been contacted directly. We are in the process of building new reserve flaps which we will be shipping out to these customers for installation over the next 2 weeks.  The containers can also be returned to UPT for installation of the new reserve pin cover flap.

In the short term we can offer a temporary field modification for the affected range of containers, please see the attached work instructions for this repair. If you wish to use these SE’s in the interim before the new reserve pin covers can be installed, it is mandatory that you perform this temporary field modification. The fix must also be performed by a certified master rigger, or foreign equivalent.

In addition to addressing the reserve pin cover, we also ask that our customers ensure that reserve closing loop lengths are within the recommended range outlined in the Vector Manual. Please refer to the Vector 3 manual under the Reserve Packing Manual section, page 33 (the SE manual is an addendum to this) where it states “NOTE: The pre‐stretched reserve closing loop will measure 4 ½ inch +/‐ ½ inch.”  A correct reserve closing loop length is needed to ensure the proper operation of this system.

We apologize for this situation and are doing everything possible for a fast but correct resolution.