Along with the rest of the world, everyone at UPT & Vigil AAD are watching what’s happening in Ukraine with sadness and fear but also a huge amount of love for the compassionate people that are trying to help at a humanitarian level.
Due to the invasion of Ukraine the European Skydiving Symposium 2022 has been postponed. Marta Molińska who helps run the Symposium and manages the Sky Camp Drop Zone in Poland has turned the DZ facilities into a refugee center. It’s inspiring to see the skydiving community banding together to offer real help and support for the victims of this attack.
UPT & Vigil will be raffling off a Vector, Vigil Cuatro, and a Reserve to help raise funds for the Sky Camp Drop Zone Refugee Center so they can provide food, heating, and supplies to refugees from Ukraine.
Raffle tickets cost $50, you can purchase as many as you like. We will be announcing the winner of the Raffle on March 31st.

UPDATE: The raffle was a huge success! Ticket sales and independent donations brought a total of over $22,000 to the cause! Congratulations to Calvin Falk for winning a brand new Vector3, Vigil Cuatro, and a reserve parachute!