As you are aware, UPT along with many other companies have been struggling over the past 2 years with ongoing materials shortages. These shortages have caused disruptions to our production, resulting in an 11 week delay to our scheduled delivery.

We have tried extremely hard to catch up to our schedule, but we now realize that under the current circumstances this is impossible.

We have therefore made the decision to reset our delivery schedule with a more realistic timeline based on the orders we have and the materials we are able to obtain. Our current schedule lists our delivery at 47 weeks, once reset our schedule will reflect the more realistic delivery of approximately 58 weeks.

Please note that any orders received from today onwards, which relate to scheduling dates, will reflect the revised delivery schedule.

We hope that the materials situation will improve over the coming months, and that we can reduce the length of our delivery.

We thank you for your patience, and will advise any scheduling updates as they happen.